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人間氣場 ——香港插畫展

Pure Hay | Paper Skin | Gabriel Li | KarmanChiu | Rivka | Lai Shan | Maf Cheung | Sindy Lau | Yumi Hung | Rosinewo | KY Chan | Steve Yuen | Jack Lee | Suison Ma | SiuRoad | Nalok.Lok | Evelyn Kourin | Edward Li | SAF | Momo Leung | Core Lo



The exhibition will showcase the fantasy world constructed by 21 Hong Kong illustrators with their vibrant imaginations. "Realm of Aura" combines the diverse projections of these artists, encompassing their fantasies, hopes, reflections, and even a touch of humor outside of their real lives. The exhibition explores the various flavors of love, unrealistic fantasies of youth and middle age, innocence and courage, barriers and loneliness in people, the frustrations and pressures of life, and the confusion and emptiness brought about by the era. They strive to collide and growth, thus giving birth to a brand new, complete, and uniquely personal narratives. The different narratives connect and merge, forming a dynamic "Realm of Aura."

Each artwork in the exhibition serves as a window to observe the human psyche. Through these windows, viewers will glimpse the motivations and emotional needs behind the different behavioral patterns of Hong Kong youth across different generations. The exhibition aims to focus on the forms of expression and needs of contemporary individuals, seeking to bring together their psychological expressions and desires. Simultaneously, we hope that viewers can find solace and resonance.