New Art Force Exhibition - Celebration for Hong Kong Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery’s Expansion

Opening Reception



Organized by Hong Kong Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery and New Art Wave, the opening reception of New Art Force Exhibition was grand presented on 20 August 2016.


This exhibition gathers 20 art talents of New Art Force, and is also a celebration for the new expansion of Hong Kong Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery. The 20 artists come from different art institutes of various regions, such as Korean, Malaysia, Taiwan, Beijing, Nanjing, Hong Kong and Macau. The collaboration will showcase a thorough selection of works exploring various platforms such as painting, installation, sculpture and photography etc. Each of the artists will present a selection of their new works. This will be an extraordinary art feast to show the artistic power of youth, creative spirit and relentless pursuit of art.


The opening reception was held at 3pm, we were honorable to invite Mr. Ma Fung-kowk, who is one of the members of The Legislative Council of Hong Kong, for giving the speech at the ceremony, along with Founder of New Art Wave Expo Ms. Mianco Wong, former Director of Hong Kong Museum of Art Mr. Tang Hoi-Chiu, and Director of Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery Dr. Cissy Cheung. People from all walks of lives, art lovers, politicians, well-known artists, and art collectors participated at the opening. It was full of joy with lively atmosphere.