Lam Man Kong is a famous oil-painter with residential background in France for more than 20 years, as well as being an art critic and columnist. He is the Visiting Professor of Zhejiang Vocational Institute of Fine Arts, Chairman of Hong Kong Oil Painting Research Society, a cored artist of the Art Of Nature International Company Limited and Vice Chairman of Paris French-Chinese Artists Association.

Lam graduated from the Hong Kong Professional Fine Art Institute in 1984. In 1990, Lam furthered his studies in Paris. He graduated with a tertiary qualification in the Paris National Academy of Fine Arts. Pierre Caron, a famous Professor, complimented Lam’s sophisticated techniques and brilliant talents. For the year thereafter, Lam practiced his imitation skills inside the Louvre Museum for the sake of absorbing nutrients from the great masters, which enabled Lam to explore his unique thematic approaches and stylistic expressions. Lam's works are greatly influenced by classicism and Impressionism. He is a painter with ‘Paris style’ and his works are said to be ‘the art of human nature’ as his paintings can deeply reveal the reality of human nature.




1989     Hong Kong Arts Centre (Hong Kong)

1992     Yves Fay Gallery (Paris)

1993     Guanghua Gallery  (Paris) 

1994     Hong Kong New BOC Tower (Hong Kong)

1999     Guanghua News Culture Centre (Hong Kong)

2000     Sini-tude Gallery (Paris)

2001     Centre de Guy-Toffoletti (Paris)

              Gallery Memory (Hong Kong)

2003     Hong Kong Wan Fung Gallery (Hong Kong)

2005     Museum of Fine Arts, The University of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

2008     Hong Kong City Hall (Hong Kong)





1985      International Youth Painting Exhibition (Beijing)

1988      Hong Kong Artists Joint Exhibition (Fuzhou, Wuhan, Hong Kong)

               The 22nd International Painting Exhibition (Monaco)

1989      The 7th National Fine Arts Exhibition (Beijing)

1990      The 26th Contemporary Painting Exhibition (Tokyo)

1991      Autumn Fine Art Saloon (Paris)

1993      National Fine Art Association Exhibition 1993 (Paris)

               French Artists Saloon (Paris)

               Autumn Fine Art Saloon (Paris)

1994      Triangular Gallery (Paris)

               Autumn Fine Art Saloon (Paris)

1995      Culture Centre (Paris)

               Chinese Master Artists Fine Art Exhibition (HK City Hall)

1996      Chinese Master Artists Fine Art Exhibition (HK City Hall)

1997      Chinese Master Artists Fine Art Exhibition (HK City Hall)

1998      Hong Kong Sketch Exhibition (Hong Kong)

               Galerie Rueil Horizon (France)

1999      The 9th National Fine Art Exhibition (Beijing)

               Contemporary Hong Kong Youth Adult Artists Fine Art Exhibition (Hong Kong)

2000      Welcoming 22nd Century Charitable Painting Exhibition (Hong Kong)

2001      French Artists Association Saloon (Paris)

2002      French Artists Association Saloon (Paris)

2003      Modern China Artists Exhibition in Paris (Paris)

               Shanghai Museum of Fine Arts (Shanghai)

2004      French Artists Association Saloon (Paris)

               French Artists Exhibition (Germany)

               Modern Chinese Oil Painting Travelling Exhibition (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and Hong Kong)

2005      The 1st Hong Kong Mini Oil Painting Exhibition (Hong Kong Cultural Centre)

               Hong Kong Pragmatic Oil Painters Joint Exhibition (Hong Kong Wan Fung Gallery)

2006      Hong Kong Fine Art Exposition (Wanchai, Hong Kong)

               French International Painter Invitational Exhibition (France)          

               Alisan Fine Art Gallery (Hong Kong)

               Beijing Sanchengsan Gallery (Beijing)

2007      Hong Kong International Artists Exchange Association Invitational Exhibition (Lower Floor of Hong Kong City Hall)

               Local Gingers: Hong Kong Artists Invitational Exhibition (Hong Kong Art Commune, Hong Kong Central Plaza)                        

               The 10th Beijing International Art Exposition (Beijing)                       

               Chinese Lingnan Oil Paintings (Hong Kong Cultural Centre & Guangzhou University Chengbo Museum)

2008      Lunar New Year Celebrative Painting Exhibition (Hong Kong Xinhua Book Store)

2009      The 4th Asia International Fine Art & Antique Exhibition (Hong Kong)

               Local Gingers: Beverly Hills Exhibition

               Malaysia Penang 100 Outstanding Artists Joint Exhibition


               The 12th Beijing International Art Exposition (Beijing)

               China Prudence Gallery Hangzhou-Tokyo Travelling Exhibition (Hangzhou & Tokyo)

               The 11th National Fine Art Exhibition (China)

               "Figurative + Abstract" An Exhibition of Contemporary Oil Painting, Watercolor & Print of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

                Hong Kong Glorious Episodes: Hong Kong Oil Painting Invitational Exhibition (Lower Floor of Hong Kong City Hall)

2010       First Song of Spring - An Exhibition of Oil Paintings by Lam Man Kong and Students (Tower Floor of Hong Kong City Hall)

               “The Light of Art - ArtGroup International Joint Exhibition - Shanghai 2010” (Shanghai Outer Coast Waitan Museum of Fine Arts)

               “The 3rd Cross-Strait Xiamen Cultural Industries Fair“ (Xiamen Municipal International Convention & Exhibition Centre)

               “Reconnection with Hong Kong: Art Of Nature - Contemporary Arts“ (Hong Kong City Hall)

               “The 14th Shanghai Art Exposition“ (Shanghai World Trade Commercial Centre)

               “The 9th National Lifelong Learning Festival 

                International Contemporary Art Festival“ (Dongchon Resort, Daegu Metropolitan City, South Korea)

2011       “Home-made Colours: Inaugural Exhibition of the Hong Kong Oil Painting Research Society”(The University Museum and Art                          Gallery, The University of Hong Kong)

                “A Contemporary Art Exhibition for the Establishment of Art Of Nature Saloon” (The Art Of Nature Saloon Gallery of Tongpan                         Software Park in Fuzhou)