Hui Yan Ki is a well-known contemporary artist in Hong Kong. He is currently Deputy Chairman of the Hong Kong International Artists' Association, Deputy Chairman of the Hong Kong Oil Painting Research Association and Executive Member of Hong Kong Artists' Association. In 1997, he was awarded a scholarship by the American Freeman Foundation to study art creation in the United States. In 2009, he received the Master of Art from the Fujian Normal University School of Art.


Hui practiced drawing under the tutelage of famous artists when young and majored in oil painting at university. He adores Western classical and impressionist painting. An effective fusion of the freehand brushwork of traditional Chinese painting and the emphasis on color and fine brushwork of Western painting produces a unique technique and style that combines the spirituality and elegance of Chinese ink paintings with the light and color of Western oil paintings. Together with a style that is "like water, clouds and mist" evokes an association of aesthetics with meditation and gives viewers a kind of dreamlike and yet refreshing feeling.


Hui's works have frequently been on display in Hong Kong, Beijing and Tokyo and have been included in the collections of many art galleries, museums and private collectors.


In recent years, Hui seems to have found serenity and his self amidst the hustle and bustle of the modern city. His latest works have shown the tranquility, warmth and beauty in life which we have missed and which we are looking forward to. If the busy modern man wants a moment of lightness and relief, admiring Hui Yan Ki's paintings is the best resort.




1991    Yellow Earth Periexty (Hong Kong)

1996    Hong Kong Artist Series: Hui Yan Ki (Hong Kong)

1998    Vermont Views by a Chinese Brush (America)





1987    Joint Exhibition of Hong Kong Artists (Hubei and the Fujian, China)

1989    The 7th National Art Exhibition (China)

             Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition (Hong Kong)

1990    The Exhibition of Realistic Arts of the First Station (Hong Kong)

1992    Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition (Hong Kong)

1994    New Dimension Art Exhibition (Hong Kong)

1995    Contemporary Hong Kong Paintings Exhibition (Fukuoka, Japan)

1996    New Dimension Art Exhibition (Hong Kong)

1997    Contemporary Hong Kong Art 1997 (Beijing, Guangdong, and Hong Kong, China)

1998    Art Exhibition of Hong Kong Artists (Sichuan, China)

1999    Homage to the Masters (Hong Kong)

2003    3rd China National Exhibition of Oil Paintings (China)

2005    Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition (Hong Kong)

2007    Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Hong Kong Artists (Hong Kong)

             Exhibition of Works of China and Hong Kong Artists (Sichuan)

             China Art Exposition (Beijing)

2009    The 4th Asia International Arts and Antiques Fair (Hong Kong)

             12th Beijing International Art Exposition (Beijing)

             100 Excellent Artists Exhibition, Art International Penang (Penang, Malaysia)

             Art Exhibition Tour of Delicate Works of Chinese Honest and Credit Picture Gallery (Hangzhou, China and Tokyo, Japan)

             Figurative + Abstract An Exhibition of Contemporary Oil Painting of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

             Haixi Affection-Overseas Outstanding Artists Art Exhibition (Fujian and Xiamen, China)

2010    the 3rd cross-strait (Xiamen) Cultural Industries Fair (Xiamen, China)

             Contemporary Art Exhibition (Hong Kong)

             The 14th Shanghai Art Exposition (Shanghai, China)

2011    The Establishment of Art of Nature Saloon – Hall of Fame (Fuzhou, China)

             International Vision – Overseas Chinese Artists Exhibition (Fuzhou)

             The 4th Cross-strait (Xiamen) Cultural Industries fair (Xiamen, China)

             Homemade Colors: Inaugural Exhibition of the Hong Kong Oil Painting Research Society (Hong Kong)

2012    Art of Nature Contemporary Art Exhibition - Art One (Wan Chai, Hong Kong)

2013    "Silk‧Rhyme Lotus" Silk scarves & Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition (CWB Sogo Club 16/F, Hong Kong)