Afternoon | Hui Yan Ki Oil on Canvas | 70 x 90 cm | 2012

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Shadow 3 | Xu Chenyang Oil on Canvas | 117 x 91 cm | 2015

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Dawn | To Lap Shing Acrylic on Canvas | 150 x 150 cm | 2019

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Afternoon | Hui Yan Ki Oil on Canvas | 70 x 90 cm | 2012

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Exhibition Duration

21st May 2021 - 31st July 2021

Opening Reception

21st May 2021 (Fri), 5:30 pm



Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery

Rm 2101-06, 21/F, Mega Trade Centre, 1 Mei Wan Street, Tsuen Wan

* Free Admission


Media Contact:Chloe Su
+852 2416 4734

RSVP:Yuriy Lee
+852 2493 7236


Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery is thrilled to present “YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW”, a group exhibition featuring artworks by Hui Yan Ki, Alex Ho, To Lap Shing, Xu Chenyang and Cang Yuan, which brings together their artistic philosophy from different times. Explores the relationship between inner and outer worlds, and focusing on a comprehensive concern that Art of Nature have had since its establishment in 2008 and how artists have grown with us. The opening reception will be 5-8pm, on May 21st. The exhibition can be viewed until June 30th.


Named by Qian Shaowu, one of the most renowned sculptor, calligrapher and painter in China, “Art of Nature” means “a pure and natural taste and interest” in Chinese. Art of Nature was born under the joint efforts of a group of acclaimed artists including Hui Yan Ki, currently he is also an important advisory member of our gallery. Graduated from the art faculty of Fujian Normal University in 1983 and was appointed by the American Freeman Foundation to further his art study and research in the United States in 1997. Hui is fascinated by Western classicism and impressionism painting, and also effectively integrates traditional Chinese freehand brushwork with Western heavy-color realistic techniques. This exhibition will showcase his artworks between 2012 and 2013, which is an important collection of Art of Nature, mainly to express the life interests with a tranquil and warm vibe.

From “Somewhere Within the Distance” in 2016 to “Circle‧Rules” in 2018, as one of the represented artists of Art of Nature, Xu Chenyang reveals his unique drawing techniques and deep thoughts on Chinese philosophy through his solo exhibitions. This time we’ve selected his works between 2012 and 2018, among which “Shadow” series depicts an ambiguous world where the floor meets the sea and the Chuangtse (Chinese Daoist philosopher in Warring States period)’s dream of being a butterfly. Xu always hopes that his art can be far away from the reality so as to reject the erosion by secularity on his paintings, which represents Xu’s nature and attitude.


We’ve held his solo exhibition “Aesthetic Essence” last August, Cang Yuan, the latest represented artists of Art of Nature, is known as the 4th generation distinguished France-residing artist after Lin Fengmian, Sanyu and ZaoWouki. Also, the “the new representative of Western contemporary abstraction”. From Xi'an to Paris, Cang delivers his attitude and pursuits perfection in his works through his life experience. Cang's works present a bizarre, phantom-like landscape with gorgeous colors, fuzzy outlines and poetic languages. Influenced by Francis Bacon, the "space" Cang creates in his works breaks through the framework and gives it a sense of "infinity". At the same time, he fuses the heroic temperament of Northwest Chinese with the Western contemporary abstraction. Due to the study both on philosophy and aesthetics, Cang obtained new research results on emphasizing artworks’ aesthetic function and purity of vision while pursuing and discovering the artistic value of creation. Especially the recent works he created during the lockdown caused by the global COVID-19 pandemic, delivering an unrestrained, and more thought-provoking senses.

In this group exhibition, Alex Ho and To Lap Shing will continue to show the beauty of abstract art as what they did in their previous exhibition “Abstract· Distance” in March. To paints both brilliant nebula in the vast universe and tiny creatures under the microscope, these two extremes perfectly merge into a unified concept through his ingenious layout. To's works are amazingly full and filled with layers, and the special textures activate the vitality of colors. The great shock and huge impact in his work is exactly a brand-new declaration of the Romantics. In the meantime, Alex Ho's works are depicted in abstract expressionism. Yet, his art shows both Western and Eastern themes and cultures. The confluence of traditional Chinese ink painting and the Western expressionism are distinct and yet complementary. He paints with no reservation or representation of nature but with the impression and perception of the environment familiar to us. His painting is constructed in pure form and simple language, hovered between abstraction and nature, giving the viewers a poetic space to realize their imagination.

After 13 years of exploration, Art of Nature has grown into one of the most influential galleries in Greater China yet still maintains a modest attitude and enterprising experimental spirit. Now Art of Nature is a newborn, standing at the starting point of 13 years. Named after “YESTERDAY, TODAY AND TOMORROW”, this group exhibition is not only a record of 13 years of glory, but also a prospect of a new and challenging future after a brief review. As Mencius once said, “A great man is one who retains the original aspiration.” Art of Nature will move onwards with the belief that we hold at the beginning of our art journey.