CHING (Wong Sau-ching) was born in Fujian Province, China in 1954. The inspiration for his paintings comes from his observations of nature and society. Brought up in the village, he has keen interest in natural themes. He studied at the Wimbledon School of Art, London in 1989, where he began to explore the essence of Western art and culture by tracing their origins and sources of inspiration. Gradually, his unique understanding and artistic expression of life and nature are formed.


Ching describes his own works as heavy, with an earthy feel. They are bold and vigorous, but in subdued colours. “I have to paint every day,” he said, “and I wouldn’t be happy if I stopped painting even for a few days. He added, “I don’t need too many colours. My brush follows my heart and portrays the world I feel about" His works seem to reveal the contradictions and congruities between traditional and modern cultures and allow the viewers to visualize the colourful world behind his predominantly black, grey and white images.


His studies and tours in Europe have given him the opportunity to explore Western concepts and art. Turner, Matisse and Picasso are his favourites. “I like to understand the artists, backgrounds and study how the societies they lived in affected their works,” he explained. His study in Britain laid a solid foundation for his painting expertise and artistic sophistication.


Ching is a professional painter whose entire occupation is touring and drawing. His observations and experiences during his frequent tours are recorded in his diaries and captured in his works. "My foremost concern is to express my feelings about society and nature", he remarked. “How people view my works is their preference.” In fact, his works demonstrate his passion and understanding of life and his pursuit and persistence in art. At present, Ching resides in Hong Kong as a renowned contemporary painting artist. His large-scale work is on long-term display at the Hong Kong MTR Central Station Concourse and his other works have been in the collections of famous galleries and museums and private collectors.

Ching was Tutor at Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre, Artist- in-Residence of the Hong Kong Arts Development Council, the British Council, Hong Kong Ballet and the Hong Kong Education Department, and Deputy Chairman and Art Director of Hong Kong International Art Association.


1992     Morden College, London, organized by the Wimbledon Art Council

1993     Hong Kong Arts Centre, organized by Shuangle Gallery

1994     Pao’s Galleries, Hong Kong Arts Centre

1995     Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre

1996     Gallery 7, Hong Kong

1998     Hong Kong Arts Centre and Fringe Club, Hong Kong

1999     Gallery Klee, Hong Kong

              The University of Hong Kong

2005     Fringe Club, organized by Fringe Club, Hong Kong

2010     Li Wing Tong, Hong Kong

2011     Central plaza 1/F Lobby, Hong Kong

2012     Lam Contemporary, Central, Hong Kong




1981     “Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition” at Hong Kong City Hall

1991     “Hunting Competition Show” at Mall Gallery, London

1992     “Liang Competition Show” at Mall Gallery, London

1997     “The China Art Exhibition - Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition” at Liu Hai Su Art Museum, Shanghai, China

1998     “The International Art Exhibition of Hong Kong Contemporary Oil Painting”, at Hong Kong Arts Centre

1999     “Exhibition of Works by Contemporary Hong Kong Artists” at Hong Kong Arts Centre

              “Painting Installation Show” at Artists Commune, Hong Kong

2000     “Sino-German Artists Exchange Show” at the German Embassy, Beijing and Guangdong Museum of Art

              “Twilight Journey - TIBET” multimedia show, at Fringe Club, Hong Kong

              "Art in the World 2000 Exhibition”, at Museum of Paris, organized by The Beaux-Art Magazine and AFFA

              “Hong Kong MTR Open Gallery Show”, at MTR Central Station

2001     “Exhibition of Manuscripts and Works from Art Studios in the Mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong” organized by Kwang Hwa Information and Culture Centre

              “International Chinese Painting Exhibition” in Dalian, China “Hong Kong Ink Painting Exhibition”, in Japan 

              “O Contemporary Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition”, at Shandong Museum of Art, China

              “The 16th Asian International Art Exhibition”, at Hong Kong Central Library and Guangdong Museum of Art

2002     “Contemporary Hong Kong Art Biennial Exhibition”, at Hong Kong Museum of Art

              “The 3rd International Ink Painting Exhibition of Shenzhen”, at Guanshanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen

2003     “Third China National Exhibition of Oil Paintings”, at Hong Kong City Hall and China Museum of Art, Beijing

              “Hong Kong and Seoul Fringe Festival Contemporary Ink Painting Exhibition” in Hong Kong and Seoul

2004     “CHING'S Studio Show” at Fringe Club, Hong Kong

              “The 4th International Ink Painting Exhibition of Shenzhen”, at Shenzhen Museum of Art

              “10th National Art Exhibition”, organized by China Artists Association, Beijing

              “Fu Baoshi Prize Ink Wash Painting Media Exhibition Triennial of Nanjing” in Nanjing

2006     “The 5th International Ink Painting Exhibition of Shenzhen” at Shenzhen Art Museum

2007     “Invitation Exhibition of Contemporary Hong Kong Artists” at Hong Kong City Hall

              “Exhibition of Works from 17 Countries”, at the gallery of Kulturforum Historisches U, Pasewalk, Germany

2008     “HK UNVEILED Comtemporary Art in the SAR” at Atting House, HongKong

              “New Ink Art: Innovation and Beyond”, at Hong Kong Museum of Art

              “The 6th International Ink Painting Exhibition of Shenzhen”, at Shenzhen Museum of Art

              “Art Exhibition Tour of Delicate Works of Chinese Honest and Credit Picture Gallery”, in Hong Kong

              “The 4th Asia International Arts and Antiques Fair”, in Hong Kong

              “12th Beijing International Art Exposition”, in Beijing

              “100 Excellent Artists Exhibition, Art International Penang 2009” in Penang, Malaysia

              “Art Exhibition Tour of Delicate Works of Chinese Honest and Credit Picture Gallery”, in Hangzhou and Tokyo

              “Figurative + Abstract ——An Exhibition of Contemporary Oil Painting of Hong Kong” in Hong Kong

              “China Guardian Auction Exhibition” in Beijing

              “Poly International Auction Exhibition" in Beijing

              “Hong Kong, Water, Ink, Colour — Exhibition of Chinese Paintings 2009”, at Hong Kong Central Library

              “Ink Contemporary: ReXPERIMENT”, at the Artist Commune, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong

              “Haixi Affection — Overseas Outstanding Artists Art Exhibition” at Fujian Art Gallery and Xiamen Art Gallery

2010     “Chinese Senses — Chinese Ink Painting Exhibition”, at The China Millennium Monument

              “Tour Exhibition Oil Paintings, 2010” in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and Macao

              “Inheritance and Creation, Exhibition of Chinese Ink paintings, Shanghai World Exposition” at Shanghai Art Museum

              “Contemporary Art Exhibition”, at Hong Kong City Hall

2011     “The Establishment of Art of Nature Saloon – Hall of Fame,” Art of Nature Saloon, Fuzhou, China

              “International Vision – Overseas Chinese Artists Exhibition,” San Sheng International Town Club House, Fuzhou, China

              “The 4th Cross-strait (Xiamen) Cultural Industries fair” Xiamen, China

              “Homemade Colors: Inaugural Exhibition of the Hong Kong Oil Painting Research Society,” The University of Hong Kong, Hong                      Kong

2012     “Art of Nature Hong Kong – Contemporary Art Exhibition,” Art One, Wan Chai, Hong Kong

              “The 15th Beijing International Art Exposition,” Beijing China World Trade Center, Beijing, China