The Realm Without Shape 
French Art Exhibition


Participating Artists

Marc Tanguy, Lam Man Kong, Cang Yuan


Art of Nature grandly presents The Realm Without Shape ── French Art Exhibition at Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery, one of the associated programs of French May Arts Festival, featuring abstract works by French artist Marc Tanguy and French-based Chinese artists Lam Man Kong and Cang Yuan. The exhibition is on view from 20th May to 30th June and the opening night will be on 20th May (Fri) from 5 to 8 PM.

Art is inseparable from the spirituality and idea of the artist. Emancipated from the objective world, the artist creates a language that is the closest to his own soul, pursuing the permanent value of art itself and aesthetics.

Marc Tanguy.jpg

Marc Tanguy

Marc Tanguy was a student of Zou Wu-ki. He maintains a high will to represent the harmonic union between the tangible world and the human imagination. Through bright and clear colors, short brushstrokes and random lines, the artist outlines the silhouette of nature and opens up an immersive space that allows the audience to wander between reality and imprint. Such space is accompanied by perceptual movement. Abstraction is ubiquitous, emphasizing what the artist loves most about blurring lines and how he reexamines nature. Tanguy has been studying and experimenting with colors, material and composition for a long time. This long journey has made him gradually break away from the reproduction of the scene, and turn to evoke the soul of nature and its poetic state. He endows reality with a flickering and ecstatic visual effect, filling the work with tension and resonance, contrast and splash, and an overflowing spirit of joy.

Lam Man Kong 

Lam Man Kong inherits the traditional techniques of classicism and impressionism. He uses the language of oil painting with equal emphasis on light and color to construct the spirit, secrets and poetry of nature. The color and shade conceive the light and shadow, and the picture is fabricated with consistent brushstrokes. Without being constrained by the form of the natural world, the artist moves towards the purity and enchantment of nature. Composes a new connection between human beings and the natural world. The artist is like a troubadour who puts keen observation and delicate feeling in his works so that the works evoke people's contemplation of the universe and yearning for light.

林鳴崗 Lam Man Kong.JPG

Cang Yuan

Cang Yuan continues exploring the integration of Eastern and Western aesthetics. These two concepts constantly collide in his consciousness and inspire him. His abstraction is more lyrical, informal and gestural. The vibrant and symphony-like colors splash and interweave on his canvas. His work ultimately formulates a state of complexity and fullness. The new series of works is titled "Conscience", revealing the connection between the human body, spirit, desire, external experience, moral sense, and worldview. As his art further cut off from realism and nature, he transformed his aesthetic approach from scenic poetry to philosophical and spiritual poetry, rooted solely in the internal experience. Since the change of his creative style in 2021, the artist has further mastered the fusion of colors, the movement and flow of matter, the effects of texture, the contrasts of light and dark, the depth or closure of space, through experiments with a multitude of effects. The works emit a struggle and dramatic atmosphere and a sense of minimalism and purity, with red, pink, yellow, light green, and other bright and full tones. They manifest the artist's transcendence in forms and ideas about abstraction and pure aesthetics.

The Realm Without Shape symbolizes the imageless realm in artists' minds yet is projected to the canvas. It is a realm tightly connected to the phenomenal world and humanistic spirit. The three artists thus create a boundless, dynamic yet tranquil visual experience for their audience.

Conscience.Suspended 意識.停止, 2022, 布面丙烯 Acrylic on canvas, 161 x 130 cm-2-2.jpg
Cang Yuan,
Conscience.The Vision of the Nature World  Acrylic on canvas, 2021
Conscience.The Spirit 意識.靈魂, 2022, 布面丙烯 Acrylic on canvas, 161 x 130 cm-2.jpg
Cang Yuan,
Conscience.The Spirit
Acrylic on canvas, 2022
Conscience.Apperception.Essence 意識.良知.本質, 2022, 布面丙烯 Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 89 cm-2-2.jp
Cang Yuan,
Acrylic on canvas, 2022
盛放 Flowering, Marc Tanguy, 2020, 73 x 60cm, 布面顏料粘合劑 Pigments and binders on canvas.jpg
Marc Tanguy,
Pigments and binders on canvas, 2020
地中海 Mediterranean, 布面油畫 Oil on canvas, 114x146cm, 2014.jpg
Marc Tanguy,
Oil on canvas, 2020
馬克.坦吉 Marc Tanguy, 地中海組曲 4 Mediterranean Suite 4, 布面丙烯 Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 97cm, 2021
Marc Tanguy,
Mediterranean Suite 4
Acrylic on canvas, 2021
179星空燦爛 81x200cm 2012-2.jpg
Lam Man Kong,
179星空燦爛 , 2012
180抽象150x200cm2013 (1)-3.jpg
Lam Man Kong,
180抽象, 2013