The Living Thread of Hong Kong

Participating Artists: Wong Hau Kwei, Shen Ping, Yick Hang

Gallery by the Harbour, 05 - 16 Jan 2022

The land and sea of Hong Kong are where its culture and history take place. It is also the carrier of the memory of the entire city for its people. Whether it is the architecture or cityscapes, they deliver the cultural heritage and vitality of Hong Kong. Filled with rich symbols in every piece of it. In the beginning of 2022, Art of Nature is delighted to present “The Living Thread of Hong Kong” Exhibition at Gallery by the Harbour (Harbour City) on 5th Jan. It will showcase ink and watercolor works, conveying their sentiments to Hong Kong, from Wong Hau Kwei, Shen Ping and Yick Hang. The exhibition is on view until 16th Jan.

 Based on their experience and knowledge of Hong Kong, Wong Hau Kwei, Shen Ping and Yick Hang capture Hong Kong of different periods and scenes with their unique styles. Their works carry a resonance and strong love for the city. Wong's rendering of mountains, water, and fogs shows Hong Kong's natural beauty: its tranquility and delicacy, ethereal and majestic, characterizing Hong Kong's vastness and spirit of tolerance. His ink works combine Chinese and Western aesthetics. The distinctive colors and perspectives become his symbol and language. Shen's expression of time


passing in Hong Kong is a multi-cultural blend, colorful and close to the experience and scenes of urban life. Taking inspiration from photos of old streets neighborhood, the world-class urban architecture, and the prestigious Victoria Harbour, Shen's quick-witted painting documented frames of Hong Kong. Yick pursues an unpretentious and fresh realm in her ink works. The rendering ink and abstract lines express the hazy beauty of Victoria Harbour and buildings over the city. The cityscape and its happening, combined with the artist’s innocent spirit, convey her unconfined artistic language.

With their love for and memories of the city, three artists deliver phases and atmospheres of Hong Kong in their series of works, connecting the living thread that supports the momentum of this city's urban life.

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Wong Hau Kwei

Wong Hau Kwei apprenticed under Chinese ink art master Huang Zhou in the 1970s and he is a board member of Chinese Painting Institute as well as a member of Chinese Artists Association. His works won award in three separate occasions in Hong Kong Museum of Art’s Contemporary Arts exhibitions and he was twice awarded the Secretary for Home Affairs’ Commendation in Hong Kong. Wong had many solo exhibitions in National Art Museum of China, Tianjin Art Museum and other prominent art galleries and many of his works were acquired by pristine institutes such as National Art Museum of China and Hong Kong Museum of Art, including “Moving Clouds and Water in the Three Gorges”, which was also published in “Chinese Art in the 20th Century” edited by the National Art Museum of China.
Shen Ping

Shen Ping is a renowned artist in ink, watercolor and oil painting. In 1963, he joined Xinjiang Production and Construction Group as an artist. In 1947, he entered Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts to study comics production, which enabled him to acquire diverse art skills, and was trained by Professors Gu Shengyue, Xu Yongxiang and Wu Guoting. And he moved to Hong Kong in 1980.

Currently he is the member of China Artists Association (Hong Kong), the advisor of Hong Kong Art Association, the advisor of Hong Kong Artists Society, the member of Hong Kong Water Colour Research Society, Examiner of Visual Arts Panel of Hong Kong Arts Development Council and Person-in-Charge of Hong Kong Cultural and Art Foundation. He is also a course instructor at HKU SPACE and Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre.

Over the years, his works have been selected by China National Art Exhibition, Beijing International Art Biennial and Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial many times. Also, his works have been collected by the National Art Museum of China, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong, Asian Museum of Watercolor Art, Sun Hung Kai Group and private collectors.

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Yick Hang (Anne Tsui)

Yick Hang (Anne Tsui), born in Shanghai, graduated from Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute in 1962, majored in Chinese painting, was a student of Wu Yang Mu, Fu Bao Shi, Chan Da Yu and Ya Ming. Specialized in embroidering, brocading and dyeing after graduating. A columnist for several magazines and newspapers.

 Participated in Seoul International Art Festival (International Artists Group Exhibition), international art and ink exhibition from Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South-East Asia, Korea, Russia and Europe, such as Ink Asia, Grand Palace World Exhibition in Paris (2020), “Shui Mo Hong Kong” Chinese Ink Painting Institute 4th Member Painting Exhibition (2021). Held solo exhibitions in Sydney, Melbourne and Yan Gallery in Hong Kong. Her artworks participated in Christie’s’ auction and were collected by a range of institutions and private collectors.

Currently Director of Chinese Ink Painting Institute of Hong Kong, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Culture and Art Exchange Association, Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Art of Nature International Feminist Art Research Society, a member of The Hong Kong Artists Association and Hong Kong Culture Association, and a columnist for Master Insight.

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