"Ink Rhyme" Hong Kong Ink Art Exhibition

In this fall, Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery is delighted to present "Ink Rhyme" – Hong Kong Ink Art Exhibition. We are honored to invite 13 excellent well known Ink artists to the joint exhibition. It will be held from 28th October to 25th November, 2016, and the opening reception is on 28th October, 2016 from 5 – 8 p.m. We welcome all of you to join the opening ceremony at 5:30p.m. The works of the exhibition review the development of new ink art. Their themes various from city view, daily life to landscape etc. Thus, the exhibition focuses on the construction and combining Hong Kong new ink art, so as to promote its development, and show the exploration and new achievements of artists in the field of ink. This exhibition is representing the important cultural initiatives of Hong Kong art pulse.

About the Artists

Wong Chau Tung Currently he serves as a member of China Artists Association, founding committee member of the Chinese Ink Painting Society, executive director of the Chinese Ink Painting Institute (Hong Kong), vice chairman of the Hong Kong Artists Association, president of Hong Kong International Exchange of Artist & Culture Association, chairman of Hong Kong Artists Association. His works entered the 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th National Exhibition of Arts, China and won the Merit Prize three times. His work also appeared on the cover of Art Magazine. In September 2016, Wong’s artwork was selected by The State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China to enter “Man and Nature -APEC Member States Art Exhibition” at Museo de la Nación in Peru capital – Lima. Ho Pak Lee Born in Guangzhou in 1945, grew up in Hong Kong, internationally recognized artist. Engaged in painting for sixty years, Ho is the pioneer of 60’s ink painters. More than half century of unremitting exploration and practice, he has created the paintings with local characteristics “Hong Kong fishing boat” ink series; and created "Maple Series" while traveling and living in Canada; "Silk Mountain" and "Huangshan Impression "series were developed after he returned to Hong Kong, and create "Xi Wang" series at age seventies Wong Hau Kwei Born in Chongqing in 1946 and graduated from China Textile University in Shanghai in 1969. Wong learnt painting from the master Wang Zhou and deeply influenced by him. In 1978, Wong moved to Hong Kong, he was the Guest Artist of Shenzhen Fine Art Institute and the current board member of Chinese Painting Institute. Wong won numerous awards including: Hong Kong Achievement Award in Contemporary Art Awards 2012; Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennial Award in the years of 2001 and 2009; twice winner of Secretary for Home Affairs’ Commendations; and awards in the 9th and 10th in the National Exhibition of Arts in China. Wong has many works collected by various museums and galleries and his work “Moving Clouds and Waters in the Three Gorges” was selected in the publication "20th century Chinese Arts -Selected Collection of National Art Museum of China". Nigel Szeto Professional painter and a member of the China Artists Association. He was born in a literary family in Kaiping, Guangdong, and his grandfather is Szeto Mei, a bagong (second degree scholar) and renowned poet in the late Qing dynasty. Benifiting from his family legacy, he has learnt from a number of masters such as Chao Shao-an, Guan Shanyue, Yang Shen-sum, Li Xiongcai, Chen Jinghong, and Lin Jin. At an early age, he graduated with honours from the Faculty of Fine & Applied Arts of Capilano University and the Department of Oil Painting at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. Over the years, he has held dozens of solo and duo exhibitions ail over the world. Ho Siu-Chung, Alex Born in Hong Kong and graduated from The School of Design - Hong Kong Polytechnic University. The Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art - Master Degree in oil painting study In recent years he works mostly in abstract painting to express his inner feelings with the nature. He uses different kinds of texture & gesture in either monochrome or multi-layers of colors. He also explores works on paper with Chinese ink. The Hong Kong Art Development Council had sponsored a Solo Painting Exhibition and published a book Paintings by Alex Ho. His paintings were selected in both local and overseas exhibitions. His works are collected by Hong Kong Museum of Art and Museum of Hong Kong University. Shen Ping Shen Ping Born in Beijing in 1947, he entered Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts to study comics production, which enabled him to acquire diverse art skills, and was trained by Professors Gu Shengyue, Xu Yongxiang and Wu Guoting. His works have been selected by China National Art Exhibition, Beijing International Art Biennial and Hong Kong Contemporary Art Biennia丨 many times. He is currently the Person-in-Charge of China Artists Association (Hong Kong), Vice-President of Hong Kong Art Association, Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Artists Society, Chairman of Hong Kong Water Colour Research Society, Examiner of Visual Arts Panel of Hong Kong Arts Development Council and Person-in-Charge of Hong Kong Cultural and Art Foundation. He is also a course instructor at HKU SPACE and Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre. Over the years, his works have been collected by the National Art Museum of China, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, University Museum and Art Gallery of the University of Hong Kong, Asian Museum of Watercolor Art, Sun Hung Kai Group and private collectors.

Lam Tianxing Born in Fujian Province in 1963. He immigrated to Hong Kong in 1984. He later returned to China to continue his studies at the Beijing Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1990. Lam has held more than 50 solo exhibitions and has participated more than one hundred joint exhibitions around the globe. Lam's works have been widely collected by private and corporate organizations. Museum collections include the National Art Museum of China, Research Institute of Chinese Painting in Beijing, Guangzhou Museum of Art, Shenzhen Museum of Art, Hong Kong Museum of Art, Heritage Museum of Hong Kong. Moreover, he has published more than twenty albums of his works. Lam, the chairman of the Hong Kong International Art Association, is now working as a professional painter He is also the vice-chairman, as well as a member of the Founding Committee, of the Chinese Painting Institute and a member of the China Artists' Association. Wei Jingmin Member of the China Artists Association, a founding member of the Hong Kong Artists Association, and a founding member of the Chinese ink Painting Institute (Hong Kong). His works have been selected for various high-level exhibitions and won many awards, including the 11th and 12th China National Fine Arts Exhibitions, an Outstanding Award of the 'Chinese Soul, Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition, an excellence award of the International Calligraphy Exhibition, a gold award of the 1st Joint Exhibition of Artists from Guangxi, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, and an outstanding award of the Guangxi Fine Arts Exhibition. Currently he serves as chairman of the Hong Kong Culture and Art Exchange Association, vice president of the Shi Qi Art Research Association, and executive vice chairman of the Federation of Asian Artists. Yick Hang (Anne Tsui) Graduated from Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute in 1962 majored in Chinese painting, was a student of Wu Yang Mu, Fu Bao Shi, Chan Da Yu and Ya Ming. Specialized in embroidering, brocading and dyeing after graduated. Since 1982 to 2007, held a post in Hong Kong Sterling Products Limited as Artwork designer, concurrent as Art Studio's Superintend. Member of Hana Calligraphy & Literature Hong Kong Economic Journal Column Writer. Director of Chinese Ink Painting Institute of Hong Kong. Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Art of Nature International Feminist Art Research Society. Vice Chairman of Hong Kong Culture And Art Exchange Association. Ma Tat Wai Born in Guangzhou in 1954. Fathered by renowned paleographer, calligrapher and seal craver Ma Kwok Kuen, he has been in touch of Chinese art from infancy. From the 1970s, he has been followed Wu Zifu for Chinese clerical scripts, Li Hongcai, Wu Hao and Chen Ziwei for traditional ink painting, especially in the field of Lingnan school techniques. Throughout his lifetime he has been under the guidance of numerous masters, such as Li Karen, Song Wenzhi, Yarning and Qing Shifa, experiencing their creative endeavors. Awarded Higher Diploma in Chinese Ink Painting in 1991. In 1992 he co-authored Catalogue of Seals of the Cities and Counties of Guangdong. Of recent he has been following Mr Wucius Wong on the re-innovation of the bogu thems by injecting modern metaphors into the ancient genre of Chinese art. The Glimpse of History series of bronze ware-inspired works, has received wide acclaims from art reviewers, commenting that the works are of deep meaning and thought-inspiration. His works has been invited in the Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Invitational Session of the ninth and tenth National Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Contemporary Chinese Ink PINTING Exhibition 2006 and 2007, and was a candidate in the Wu Zuoren Award in Arts- Design Art (Painting). Chen Wei Born in Suzhou in 1964, also known as Liang Hui. After graduating from the Suzhou Art & Design Technology Institute, he completed an undergraduate course in landscape painting from China Academy of Art, and a Master's course in landscape painting from China Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is a member of the Chinese Painting Institute (Hong Kong), a member of the Hong Kong Artists Association, an adjunct professor and instructor for the landscape painting course at the HKU SPACE, the academic director of Long Yi Tang Landscape Painting Academy, and a member of the Calligraphy and Painting Study Association of Hong Kong Fukienese. Chan Keng Tin Born in Zhejiang in 1979 and graduated from the Fine Arts Department of the Chinese Culture University of Taiwan in 2003. In 2008, he joined Luyushun Workshop of the China National Academy of Painting. He is now a member of Chinese Painting Institute Hong Kong, visiting painter of Shenzhen Fine Art Institute and lecturer of the School of Continuing and Professional Studies, the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Zhao Zhi Jun Born in lnner Mongolia in 1966, Zhao Zhijun graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts at the lnner Mongolia Normal University.He now serves as visiting scholar at the Academy of Arts & Design of Tsinghua University, invited artist of the Shenzhen fine Art lnstitute, member of the Chinese Painting lnstitute(Hong Kong),committee member of the Hong Kong water Color Research Society, member of the hong kong Artists Association, and secretary-general of the hong kong Cuiture and Art Exchange Association. He has participated in the lntegration and Convergence: 2009 lnvitational. Exhibition of the China National Academy of Painting, and the 4th Exchange Exhibition of Korea ,Hong Kong and Macao. His “Spring of Hong Kong” was displayed at the 12th China National Fine Arts Exhibition, and Memory under the Sun at the 6th Beijing International Biennial Exhibition. He is a prolific painter of pastoral sceneries, cityscapes, and flowers. His artistic style is a combination of the coloring of watercolor paintings and brushwork of traditional Chinese painting, presenting both realistic and impressionistic implications [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]Opening Reception: 28 Oct 2016 (Fri) 5 - 8:00 pm Opening Ceremony: 28 Oct 2016 (Fri) 5:30 pm Exhibition Date: 28 Oct (Fri) - 25 Nov (Fri) 2016 Opening Hours: Mon-Fri 10:00-19:00

Sat 12:00-18:00

Sun & Public Holiday: By appointment only [endif]

Venue: Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery - Hong Kong / 21/F, Mega Trade Centre, 1 Mei Wan Street, Tsuen Wan Enquiry: 24937236 / 91207578 Horace Lam / 91592757 Tiffany [if !supportLineBreakNewLine]

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