Hong Kong has been playing an important role in the history of Chinese ink painting. The foundation of ink painting in Hong Kong has been laid by masters from the traditional school since the twentieth century as such Huang Boye, Li Yanshan, Deng Fen , masters from the...


In this fall, Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery is delighted to present "Ink Rhyme" – Hong Kong Ink Art Exhibition. We are honored to invite 13 excellent well known Ink artists to the joint exhibition. It will be held from 28th October to 25th November, 2016, and the...


Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery joins forces with New Art Wave featuring a group exhibition of 20 finalist artists from 2015 New Art Wave International Artist Award – New Art Force Exhibition. These 20 emerging artists come from art academies in South Korea, Malaysi...


Organized by Hong Kong Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery and New Art Wave, the opening reception of New Art Force Exhibition was grand presented on 20 August 2016.

This exhibition gathers 20 art talents of New Art Force, and is also a celebration for the new expansion...


Youth Sonata – Hong Kong Young Artist Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition

Opening Reception

Opening reception of Youth Sonata – Hong Kong Young Artist Contemporary Oil Painting Exhibition was successfully held on 22 July 2016. In this exhibition, there are in total of e...


The sense of distance plays a subtle role in Chen Yang's works. It can be the structure of aerial perspective, as well as an incarnation of courtesy. The peculiar spacial interrelation between the main subject and the background turns his paintings into a massive carri...







近年中國藝術市場迅猛發展,但整個藝術市場中的消費潛力遠未得到開發,藝術品收藏方面的最大消費群體——財富階層人士,尚未把藝術品收藏作為自身和社交生活圈中的風尚與潮流。天趣契合本屆上海藝博會主題 “讓收藏成為風尚”, 呈現天趣藝術生活的理念,宣導收藏與時尚的健康生態生活方式...

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