The Essence of Traditional Culture - Parallel of Bonsai and Contemporary Ink


The Essence of Traditional Culture- Parallel of Bonsai and Contemporary Ink was held during the extension of the Phantom Realm - Color Ink by Wong Sau Ching exhibition

Mr. Laurence Lee, Chairman of the Penjing Association of Hong Kong and contemporary ink artist, and Mr. Wong Sau Ching together with more than 30 guests explored the aesthetics of bonsai and Chinese ink painting. Both artists introduced the unique characteristics of each art form and how they pursue art. Audiences also responded enthusiastically in the Q&A session.
Wong shared his experience during his art education in England that it was difficult for him to study art theory at the beginning. So instead he decided to visit every museum to carefully see and study the grand masters’ works by heart. Wong experience everyday life with appreciation and passion. He said, art isn’t something such profound. Everyone can be an artist. It is something more private to you. Art must derive from your heart.
The second part of the lecture, Lee introduced how bonsai can be linked to Chinese ink painting along with exquisite bonsai he brought into the scene. He explained, bonsai is the essence of the nature. It is alive. And tried infuse modern elements into his bonsai and it is as well his goal of making bonsai more modern.
We believe that we could all felt the passion of both artists. Their effort in pursuing art is exactly what we are uploading, “art accords with life, art makes a better life."

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