Oil painter, expert in colors; Professor of Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts; Committee of Chinese Calligraphy and Art Association; Vice-chairman of the National Artists' Association of China; Hong Kong Oil painting Research Board; Assessor of Hong Kong Arts Development Council (Visual Arts)


Lin was born in Hong Kong in 1941. He graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, major in oil painting. After graduation, he has devoted himself to the oil and colors research. He has also participated in a great deal of sole and joint art exhibitions in both local and overseas contexts. His name has been listed to "Contemporary Chinese Artists' Dictionary", "Contemporary Chinese Who's Who" and "The world's Who's Who".



Features of Lin’s work

Lin practices the principle of esthetics through discovering the beauty of ordinary life and putting it into art. He uses colors skillfully and innovatively in creating his art pieces, and his arts are filled with beauty and passion. His oil paintings have been selected to "Contemporary Chinese Art Works Collection", "Contemporary Painting Art", "The Chinese Art Collection", "Chinese Artists' Collection" etc and collected by art galleries, museums at home and in USA, Germany, Denmark, Singapore Hong Kong, Taiwan etc.



Lin’s collection

Lin’s article "Developing Chinese Oils" was compiled in the China Library. His book "Chromatics Applied to Art" is called a small encyclopedia. In addition, "Lin mingchen's Oil Works", "Lin mingchen's Oil Collection" and "Lin mingchen's Oils" have been published.




1983    Lin Ming Chen Art Exhibition (Haikou, China)
1996    Lin Ming Chen Oil Painting Exhibition (Guangzhou, China)
1997    Lin Ming Chen Painting Appreciate Exhibition (Singapore)
1999    Lin Ming Chen Oil Painting Exhibition (Guangdong, China)
2001    Lin Ming Chen Oil Painting Exhibition (Guangzhou)

             Professor Lin Ming Chen Art Exhibition (Dongguan, China)

             Lin Ming Chen One Hundred Oil Painting Exhibition (Foshan, China)

             Professor Lin Ming Chen Art Exhibition (Bangkok, Thailand)

             Lin Ming Chen Human Oil Painting Exhibition (Guangzhou)

2002    Lin Ming Chen 2002 Painting Exhibition (Guangdong)

2003    Lin Ming Chen Oil Painting Exhibition (Guangzhou)

2005    The Luhu Lake Tour - Lin Ming Chen Painting Exhibition (Guangzhou)

2008    Chinese Nation • Beauties Oil Painting Exhibition (Beijing, China)

2010    Professor Lin Ming Chen Oil Painting Exhibition (Hong Kong)





2007     3rd China (Shenzhen) International Cultural Industry Fair (Shenzhen, China)

              Grand Masters’ Calligraphy and painting Exhibition (Guangdong, China)

2008     Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts students and teachers a special exhibition (Guangzhou, China)

              1st session of South Korea, Hong Kong, Macau Art Exhibition (Seoul, Korea)

              Hong Kong Artists Society Exhibition 2008 (Hong Kong)

              From the beauty of nature (Guangzhou, China)

              Successful calligraphy and painting person – Individual Exhibition of the 2nd Oil Painting (Guangzhou, China)

2009     Figurative + Abstract – An Exhibition of Contemporary Oil Painting of Hong Kong (Hong Kong)

              4th Asia International Arts & Antiques Fair (Hong Kong)

              Hong Kong Glorious Episodes: Hong Kong Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition (Hong Kong)

2010     Tour Exhibition Oil Paintings (Hong Kong, Guangzhou, and Macao)

              Charming Hong Kong: Hong Kong Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition (Hong Kong)

              Reconnection with Hong Kong: Art of Nature – Contemporary Arts (Hong Kong)

              Hong Kong Water Color Invitation Exhibition (Hong Kong)

              Hong Kong Artist Community to Celebrate the 61st Anniversary of the Nation Day of the Republic of China (Hong Kong)

2011     Hong Kong Painters Association Exhibition (Hong Kong)

              Homemade Colors: Inaugural Exhibition of the Hong Kong Oil Painting Research Society (Hong Kong)

              Hong Kong Oil Painting Invitation Exhibition (Hong Kong)

              Pan He – Teacher and Students Art Exhibition (Guangdong, China)