The Women on Silk, Wool And Ceramics|HER POWER Global Female Contemporary Art Online Exhibition 2021  · Chapter Nine


HER POWER Curator Cissy Cheung   

"Her Power" Online Exhibition as "Life.Blossom" Exhibition - "Her Power" companion volume, began on International Women's Day 2021.

As the event originated in Kwangju Art Biennial in 2018, along with a motion by the President's Conference of the International Federation of Women's Arts, the event was then confirmed to be held in Hong Kong in 2021, during the International Women's Arts Federation Exhibition in Moscow in 2019.

Over the past few decades, women's art and female artists have risen, increasingly in academia, in the marketplace, making their voices heard and blooming- but not enough, yet her creativity clearly isn't silent, if not more powerful than men. Therefore, we want to build a platform for women around the world to shine; for professionalism, academic business, social responsibility and influential women's arts.

During the preparatory period, the world experienced an unprecedented "pulmonary disease". Our planning thus fell into a state of stagnancy; our plans cannot land, but our pace is still, out thinking non-stop.

In such a special historical period, long and difficult days have not been in time. Human accidents trigger our deep reflections on life: how can women cultivate strength in the limited length of life and increase the thickness and breadth of life? This was also a significant thought considered in the launching of the exhibition.

In the process of collection, we see the rich and tenacious "Her Power" conveyed by women's art. They bloom life and positive meaning in different countries and regions. They all have these things in common: they read for their own life, think for society, create portraits for the times, and hope to leave a mark on history.

The early stage of the event has been actively participated and supported by international female artists and art institutions, especially by many experts and scholars, as well as our guest curators, Dr. Han Qi, Dr. Rochelle Yang, Dr. Huang Mei, to which a series of guidance work was given. As well as thanks to Tao Weibai, Jia Fangzhou, Tong Yujie and other art and academic consultants for their strong support and guidance to the exhibition.


We believe when a person maintains an unfailing passion and enthusiasm for art, then she has given her life the meaning and value of youth. The energy yielded by the heart that burns for art is "her power" unmatched by anything else. 

IWAF was formed in 2018 in Gwangju, Korea, where we held our first committee meeting and made plans for the future. 

IWAF has representatives in twenty-three countries and approximately 120 individual artists. Countries representative in IWAF are; Australia, China, China – Hong Kong, China – Macau, Finland, Indonesia, Ireland, Japan, Korea (Daegu and Gwangju), Malaysia, Mauritius, Mongolia, Norway, Singapore, Russia, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, UK, USA and Vietnam. 

IWAF grew out of INWAC – the International Women Artists Council, which was successfully active for over two decades, from the early 1990s until the sad and untimely passing of INWAC's President and founder, Dr. Yuen Chee Ling, in 2015.

Maria Esmont, IWAF Russia – Representative, proposed an IWAF International Women Artists Exhibition, to be held in Moscow in 2018. This exhibition was moved to May 2019 and was given the theme “Motherhood....hope of the future”. On behalf of all members of IWAF, we thank Maria Esmont and her team for organizing the Moscow exhibition, art conference, international children's exhibition, and wonderful tour of Moscow and her surrounding regional country towns, art galleries, and historic churches and other buildings. About 98 international artists, their friends and family enjoyed exploring Russia in the glorious Spring weather.

In Moscow, Dr. Cissy Cheung – Representative IWAF Hong Kong, proposed for the next IWAF International Women Artist Exhibition to be held in Hong Kong in 2021.

At that time no one could have foreseen the unfolding events that the COVID19 pandemic would unleash on the world. So many people have lost their lives, this has been a truly devastating time for all of humanity.
Dr. Cissy Cheung proposed the option for an 'online exhibition', as, at the time of writing, international travel is still not recommended. The worldwide vaccine champagne has only just begun. Dr. Cissy Cheung and her team have worked tirelessly to create this IWAF online exhibition, with the over-arching theme of 'Her Power' and the sub-theme 'Life Blossom'.

Though we have all been devastated by the COVID19 pandemic, as humans we strive to find and hang onto hope - we all hope that life will blossom again after COVID19. These thoughts were with us all, as we worked on our artworks, in isolation in our studios, contemplating the pandemic and its effects on our family, friends, and all of humanity. It is impossible not to link this exhibition to our collective experiences with the pandemic. It has been like a heavy blanket, that has covered and touch us all.

I thank every artist for staying positive during these difficult years and making an original artwork to share.
On behalf of all members of IWAF, we warmly thank Dr. Cissy Cheung for making IWAF – Hong Kong “Life Blossom” online exhibition a successful reality. I thank all people who have supported Dr. Cissy Cheung and her team at her art gallery, The Art of Nature, and IWAF – Hong Kong. Thank you to all sponsors who have assisted this exhibition.

Honorary Secretary and
Representative of Austrailia of IWAF
Sandra Angliss

2021 · HER POWER

The prologue of the "Life.Blossom” Exhibition - "Her Power" Online Exhibition, was jointly initiated by HK Art of Nature International Female Art Research Society, Art Life Foundation, and female artists and art institutions.


The first stage will bring the recommendations from our academic consultants, invited curators and  International Women Artists Federation as pilot. Up to now, we have received works from around 120 artists from more than 30 regions (including oil paintings, ink paintings, installations, sculptures, photography, digital images, etc.).


The call for works is still open to public. The online exhibition will also be published by region, theme, category, subject, or material.


The content of the online exhibition will be presented on Art of Nature’s official website and the platform of "Her Art", Facebook,  and overseas online platforms.


Art of Nature Intrenational Female Art Online Exhibition

 Orgainisors :

HK Art of Nature International Female Art Research Society, Art Life Foundation


“The Women on Fabric” , “Red and Green”, “Retrospection”, “Occurrence and Passage of Mankind”, “With Flowers”



BYUN KYUNGSUP (Gwangju)《A_9520394》《A_9522366》

KWON KYUNGAE (Gwangju)《Red, Blue - Life》《Blue - Life》




(Gwangju, South Korea)

Graduate from College of Fine Arts of Hongik University with Bachelor of Arts, and Chonnam University with Master of Arts. Studied Fine Arts in Brookhaven College, Dallas, US from 2005 to 2008. Member of Korea Women Fine Artists Association, Gwangju-Chonnam Women Artists Association, Korea Professionale Artists Association, and Hongik Alumni Association.

Important Solo Exhibitions

2020    colo Invitation Exhibition, Jeju Stone Park, Jeju

2017    Solo Exhibition, N music Gallery, Gwangju

2015    Solo Invitation Exhibition, CNUH Gallery, Gwangju

2015    Solo Exhibition, Daein Gallery, Gwangju

2013    Solo Exhibition, GMA Gallery, Seoul

2012    Solo Exhibition, Topohaus, Seoul


A_9520394, 200 x 100 cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2019

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


A_9522366, 200 x 100 cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2019

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

For Byun, sewing is more than just representing women's life experience in the traditional gender division of labor.

Her art transcends feminism, praising those who sacrificed their talents to support others, recording the sorrow of those talents wasted, and praying earnestly for seeing the recovery of the lost.

Byun's works give meaning to the bits and pieces of daily life, and present them to us calmly and meticulously like praying.




(Gwangju, South Korea)

Graduated from the Department of Painting, Dongduk Women's University with BA and the Department of Painting, Sungshin Women's University with MA. Currently serve as a professor in Department of Painting, College of Fine Arts, Dongduk Women’s University, the president of Foundation for the promotion of National Modern and Contemporary Art in Korea, and the head of organizing Korea Women Artists' Association.

Kwon Kyungae planned Incheon Women Artists Biennale (1996) and worked there as head of the operating committee (1996, 2004) and head of the organizing committee (2006-2011). Served as the head of the operating committee in the 12th International Gyeonggi Ansan Art Fair (2015) and in the 13th Ansan International Art Fair (2016), and reviewing committee in Korea Art Exhibition (2000, 2013).

Held 21 solo exhibitions and participated in 474 group exhibitions.


Blue - Life,  97 x 130 cm, Acrylic on canvas

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Red, Blue - Life,  130 x 162 cm, Acrylic on canvas

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

I visually express language by repeatedly writing “Mother”, which is the most beautiful word in the world.

The act of writing calls to mind the place where lives begin, reflects the world of unconditional, infinite love through the symbolism of red and blue. The repetition also visualizes the passage of time throughout life.


LEE YOUNG BUM (Gwangju)《Love Song from Dandelion1》《Love Song from Dandelion2》

KOO BANG HEE (Daegu)《Apple Blossom1》《Apple Blossom2》




(Gwangju, South Korea)

Graduated from Honam University, South Korea. Currently a member of Korea Fine Art Association Member, Korea Professional Artist Member, Association of Gwangju-Jeollanamdo Women artists Member.

Awarded The Grand Art competition of Korea Competition Special Selected and The Jeollanam-do Art Competition Special Selected 4 times.


Held solo exhibitions 17 times and participated many group exhibitions.


Love Song from Dandelion 1, 80 x 80 cm, Mixed media and mother of pearl, 2000

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Love Song from Dandelion 2, 80 x 80 cm, Mixed media and mother of pearl, 2000

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

Dandelion is a simple but powerful flower.

The Flowers of my life are small, but with strong vitality.

Wish it bloom.




(Daegu, South Korea)

Textile artist. Got Master of Applied Arts and was college professor. Held several solo exhibitions and participated in numerous of group exhibitions.


Apple Blossom1, 80 x 80 cm, Wool technic: dip dyeing, wet felting, 2017

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Apple Blossom 2, 80 x 80 cm, Wool technic: dip dyeing, wet felting, 2017

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


JUNGSUK NOH (Gwangju)《Shadow of Blank 20》《Garden of Memory》

BANG NAKYO (Daegu)《System》

LEE JOUNG WON (Daegu)《Go With1》《Go With2》




(Gwangju, South Korea)

Graduated from of Chonnam National University with BA, Sungshin Women's University with MA, and Chonnam National University with Art Theory PhD. Currently an adjunct professor at Chonnam National University, Director of the Gwangju MIRO Creative Platform, Festival Director of the International Women’s Arts Festival, Chairwoman of the International Visual Culture & Arts Association, and IWAF-Gwangju Branch, Republic of Korea.

Important Exhibiitions

2020 The 40th Special Exhibition of the Gwangju May 18 Democratic Movement “In Search of lost Memories” (Korea)

2018  Invitational Exhibition “The Shadow of Blank IV” (New York K&P Gallery/U.S.A)

2017  Invitational Exhibition “The Record of Time II” (Gwangju May Hall Gallery)

2016  Jeonnam Women’s Plaza Invitational Exhibition “Shadow of Blank III” (Women Culture Museum/Korea)

2015  Noh, Jungsuk Invitational Exhibition (Otawara street Museum/Japan)

2008  Woo Jaeghil Museum Invitational Exhibition “Shadow of Blank I” (Korea)

2005  Salon de Caudec-les-Elbeuf Invitation Exhibition (France)


Shadow of Blank 20, 40 × 60 cm, Sumi-ink, Chine Colle Etching print, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Garden of Memory, 60 × 70cm, Sumi-ink, Pigment paint ink, Chine Colle Etching print, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021




(Daegu, South Korea)

Born in Busan, Korea. Ph.D. in Fine Arts (Kyungpook National University), Master of Fine Arts, Costume Design (Kyungpook National University). Currently the director of Arts Co Design, a university lecturer and exhibition planner.

Held 3 solo exhibitions and participated group and selected exhibition about 80 times, including Women Artist 100 Size Exhibition (Daegu, Korea), Korean-American Women Artists Invitational Exhibition (Portland, U.S.A), Two Rainbows (Moscow, Russia), Korea-Germany Exchange Exhibition (Gwangju, Korea), etc.


System, 64 x 70 cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2019

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021




(Daegu, South Korea)

Graduated from Ewha Womans University with Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture and Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture. Currently a member of Korean Sculptor’s Association, Ewha Sculpture Group, and Daegu Nokmee Group.

Held solo Exhibitions 6 times. Participated Art Fairs 17 times and group exhibitions 80 times.


Go With1, 458 x 265cm, Ceramic, 2018

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Go With 2, 458 x 265cm, Ceramic, 2018

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

These works are ceramic material and the series of "Go With", in which each circle is variablely installed in an independent form or attached to a frame.

It does not represent an object of nature, but expresses my stories and thoughts in a circle as if writing a diary. One circle is relocated to dozens of other circles, expanding into more stories and a larger spaces.



HWANG KYUNGSUK  (Gwangju)《With you ...》《The People on the Pyramid》

JU NAYOUNG (Gwangju)《Wonderful Life50-1》《Wonderful Life64-1》




(Gwangju, South Korea)

Currently the director of the Korean Art Education Association, National Association of Sculptors, members of the Gwangju-Jeonnam Women's Artists Association, the Tomansa, the International Association of Visual Culture and Arts.

Held several solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions more than 330 times.

Important Exhibitions

2020 ‘People, People’ Art Exhibition (Jinhan Art Museum)

2019 Hwang Kyung Suk Exhibition (Mokdam Art Gallery )

2018 KAFA International Art Fair Booth Exhibition (KINTEX / Ilsan)

2011 Korea Art Summer Festival booth exhibition (Seoul Convention Center)

2011 ‘Harmony of Line and shape’ Insa Art Festival (Lamer Art Gallery/ Seoul)

2004 ‘Expressions of the Human World by Line & Shape’ (Mudeung Art Museum )


With you ..., 47 x 63cm, Terracotta, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


The People on the Pyramid, 106 x 106 x 120cm, Iron urethane paint, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

“‘People on the Pyramids” are people who are intertwined with me to accomplish personal or common purposes and dreams.

‘With you...’, You are the one who gives me so much strength that I am not afraid of Corona 19. I used iron and terracotta to express the people I have met and loved in various movements and colors.

All the people who influenced my life are the flowers of my life.”




(Gwangju, South Korea)

Installation artist. Earned her master's degree in ancient murals in India and a Ph.D. in art studies from Chonnam National University.

Held 12 solo exhibitions in India, Seoul, Gwangju and New York, and participated in more than 100 domestic and international exhibitions. Current middle and high school art textbooks also contain her works.


Wonderful Life 50-1, 52 x 50cm, Paint on PC and Super mirror, 2017

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Wonderful Life 64-1, 52 x 50cm, Paint on PC and Super mirror, 2017

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

Life is like a flower. It blossoms for a day and suddenly fades away!  Life is an assembly of brilliant moments happening and disappearing. The moment we realize that every moment of life is shining brilliantly and beautifully, our lives will become Wonderful.


KIM JI-HEE (Daegu)《Soft Sounds of Peony Blossom》《Flowering Hill of Camellia Blossom》

KIM YOO-KYUNG (Daegu)《Harmony of Nature》

RYU SEESOOK (Daegu)《The Jar That Conceived The World》





(Daegu, South Korea)

Earned E.A. from Seoul National University, M.A. from Kyung Hee University and PhD from Daegu University. Currently Director Museum of natural Dye Arts Professor of Daegu Catholic University.

Awarded First Prize from UNESO of Craft Arts and Grand Prix of Korea Art contemporary Invited Exhibition. Held solo exhibitions 20 times.


Soft Sounds of Peony Blossom, 70 x 55 cm, Silk, cutting knife, natural dye stuff pigment, natural dye, paper stancil of persimm dye, resist paste,  2017

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021


Soft Sounds of Peony Blossom, 70 x 55 cm, Silk, cutting knife, natural dye stuff pigment, natural dye, paper stancil of persimm dye, resist paste,  2017

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021




(Daegu, South Korea)

Graduated from College of Fine Art, Sang-myung University (B.A) and Kei-myung University (M.A, PhD).

Held solo exhibitions 20 times and participated in group exhibitions 340 times, including The Exhibition of Korean-Japanese Artists (Japan), The Exhibition of Korean-American Woman (Daegu), The Exhibition of Korean-Russian Woman (Moscow), etc.

Awarded 2016 Suseong-gu Artist’s Association Award, 2017 Daegu Artist Award, and 2019 Artist Award from the Full time Artists Association.


Harmony of Nature, 53.5 x 45.5cm, Acrylic and pencil on paper, 2020

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021




(Daegu, South Korea)

Graduated from the Fine Art Department at Ewha Womans University. Graduated from Kyungpook National University Graduate School with Master Degree. Currently a Lecturer at Kyungpook National University.

Held 18 solo exhibitions and participated group exhibitions 5 times per year, including International exhibitions in Japan, America, Mongol, Vietnam, China Shanghai, Hong Kong and Germany.


The Jar That Conceived The World, 53 x 72.6 cm, Acrylic on canvas, 2019

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

HER POWER Online Exhibition 2021

This exhibition not only visually displays the unique and delicate creations of women, but also hopes to bring out the possibility of women’s perception and feminine aesthetics in contemporary art, beside the men-dominated mainstream, and promote their representability in the art world. This exhibition would serve as a forum for dialogue of the reflections on social culture and the examination of personal issues from women’s point of view, mainly delivered by their works of all forms.

HK Art of Nature International Female Art Research Society

HK Art of Nature International Female Art Research Society was founded in 2011 as a Hong Kong registered non-profit organisation; with the objective of uniting female art enthusiasts across Hong Kong, China, and overseas. It welcomes any and all females in art-related fields, as well as those interested in promoting contemporary female artwork. The Society aims to sponsor female artists and help them achieve their full potential. It has established the “Infinite Love” Series Triennial on 2015 and “Her.Power” Series Online Exhibition on 2020.


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