Fine Art Asia 2022

Art of Nature will participate in Fine Art Asia 2022, exhibiting works by Liu Kuo-sung, Qin Feng, Wong Sau Ching, Marc Tanguy, Cang Yuan, Hui Yan Ki, Clement Chan, Xu Chenyang. The art fair will last from Octobr 4th to 8th. Our booth no is B10.


Art of Nature will present the latest exploration achievements of the artists in their respective fields, including creative techniques, materials and painting language. As one of the most predominant advocates of modern Chinese ink art, Liu Kuo-sung is known for his experimental and modernist styles and animated colors. Qin Feng is a leading international ink artist and one of the foremost representatives of China's avant-garde movement. His profound view of cultural dimension refines the power of mythical imagination and vigorous tension of his works, which are thus well-recognized by the globe. Created by Hong Kong artist Wong Sau Ching, the "Idea Writing Series" include layers of vague words related to the cultural awareness and ideology of Hong Kong, which reveals the artist's mind between self-consciousness and the unconscious in obscure words.