Qian Shaowu is a Professor of Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is the Member of Ph-D Instructors and Academic Standing Committee, the Professional Committee Member of Capital Development Scheme Committee, the Chairman of China Craft Art Society Sculpture Committee, the Standing Committee Member of China City Sculpture National Committee and the Committee Member of China Fine Artists Association Sculpture Committee. Qian has ever worked as a Committee Member of National Teachers’ Association Fine Art Education Committee and a Professional Adviser of Beijing Municipal People’s Government.


Qian Shaowu is a famous contemporary Chinese artist with complex creative and innovative talents. Qian is well trained with both Sinology and the Western scholastictemperaments. He obtains the inheritance of Russian fine arts. More than that, Qian fosters a unique understanding on aesthetic theories. He demonstrates brilliant creative ideals in his sculptures, calligraphies and drawings. His sculptures are enormously grandeur, somber and heroic, which reflect the poetic temperaments from Qian’s innermost cultivation. His drawings and sketches lead to encouraging responses from our society. His “Qian-script” calligraphies are full of radical passions, scholastic temperaments and individual features, which are greatly acknowledged by the  academicand cultural field.


In April 1928, Qian Shaowu was born in the Qian’s Family Yard, which was extraordinarily famous in Wuxi Jiangsu. His predecessors, such as Qian Mu, Qian JiboQian Wei and Qian Zhongshu, were hoisted in the immense starry universe due to their brilliant contributions in Sinology, Chinese science and Chinese technological advancements. His father, Qian Xuexi, was the Professor in Foreign Languages at the Peking University, who was also an expertise in English Literature. Being the  juniorgeneration of Qian’s Family, Qian Shaowu is the only artist among the pedigrees of his clan.