2022.09.30 - 2022.11.11

A Tribute to Heritage: 
Indonesian Art Exhibition



Art of Nature and Consulate General of Indonesia in Hong Kong, associated with Hong Kong Society for Indonesian Studies, jointly present "A TRIBUTE TO THE HERITAGE: INDONESIAN ART EXHIBITION" to celebrate Indonesian Batik Day. Batik refers to a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to cloth to reveal some dynamic patterns. It is known as a national heirloom of Indonesia and the world's intangible cultural heritage. For every Indonesian, wearing their best batik costume at Batik Festival signifies the highest honor to the traditional Indonesian arts. The event will showcase the world's intangible cultural heritage, batik garments, and artworks, bringing to our attention Indonesian lifestyle. The exhibition is on view from 30 Sep to 11 Nov, during which a batik workshop and Indonesian coffee brewing workshop will be held.

Low Hai Hong


Born in Jambi, Indonesia in 1941 and lived mainly in Singapore. Lau graduated from Singapore Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA). He has served as the chairman of Art Society, YMCA of Singapore, and the founder and chairman of NAFA Alumni Association. In 2000, Low spent five months as the resident artist in Cité Internationale des Art in Paris. Over the years, he has held personal exhibitions in numerous academic and private institutions and hotels, such as Alliance Francaise in Singapore, Hollandse Club, and Nanyang Academy of Fine.

Lam Man Kong 

Lam Man Kong inherits the traditional techniques of classicism and impressionism. He uses the language of oil painting with equal emphasis on light and color to construct the spirit, secrets and poetry of nature. The color and shade conceive the light and shadow, and the picture is fabricated with consistent brushstrokes. Without being constrained by the form of the natural world, the artist moves towards the purity and enchantment of nature. Composes a new connection between human beings and the natural world. The artist is like a troubadour who puts keen observation and delicate feeling in his works so that the works evoke people's contemplation of the universe and yearning for light.

林鳴崗 Lam Man Kong.JPG
Wong Sau Ching.jpg

​Wong Sau Ching

Born in Fujian, China, in 1954, and move to Hong Kong in 1978. Wong traveled to the United Kingdom to study modern art at the Central School of Arts and Crafts, London, in 1987 and graduated with bachelor's degree in fine arts in Wimbledon School of Art in London in 1992.

Wong was invited to attend the World Art Exhibition by the Cultural Ministry of Paris, France in 2000. Painting "Life in Hong Kong" received the highest award in the Third China National Exhibition of Oil Painting held in Beijing in 2003. Wong is now the Vice Chairman and Director of Hong Kong International Artists Association, Chairman of the Board of Hong Kong Fringe Club and Chairman of China section of Res Artist, International Association of Residential Art Centres.

Lin Yonglin

Lin Yonglin was born in Fuqing, Fujian in 1939. He majored in oil painting when he studied in the Art Department of Fujian Normal University and was taught by masters Xie Touba, Wu Qiyao. Graduating in 1961, he then chose to teach at Jianyang Normal School. In 1982, Lin was appointed the founder of Department of Arts and Crafts at Fujian Qiaoxing Light Industry School. In 1983, he studied modern design at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts. In 1997, he established the 97 International Artists Alliance. In 1998, he founded bee International Walless Studio of CSOA Art Centre, Indonesia. After retiring in 1999, he restarted oil painting creation after 34 years. In his subsequent art career, he has been one who dared to explore and achieve excellence. He has experienced many world-shaking experiences, overcame unimaginable hardships, and devoted himself to art. Because of these extraordinary life experiences, he came up with unique ideas and a spicy painting style, which is rich in color, straightforward in brushwork, and coupled with "Fauvism" and "Neo-Expressionism".


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