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Without Elegance in Heart, There is No Elegance, 2021

Print: Genuine pigment ink, 100% cotton canvas, mounted on wooden frame, 114 x 162 cm

Original work: Acrylic on canvas, 114 x 162 cm

Cang Yuan has been attracted to traditional Chinese philosophy since he was young. He once dreamed of wandering in the landscape paintings of Zhou Mi or Ni Zan, the Song and Yuan Dynasties painters, and he was still nostalgic when he woke up. A series of works such as "Traces of Dreams" and "Morning Lake" were produced during this period.

Regarding his understanding of the current era, he believes that there are more and more manifestations, but the restlessness, impatience, and impatience of our lives have not eased. He hopes to seize these moments. Unintentionally, he found that his understanding at the conscious level seemed to be much closer to the truth, so he came up with the painting "Without Elegance in the Heart, There Is No Elegance". From this work, he slowly touched the essence of perception and the nature of consciousness.

When Cang Yuan's consciousness was freed from the shackles and not limited to reality, he stood in front of this work and felt a feeling that rarely happened. "This flower is already there when I have not seen it. When I see this flower, it becomes obvious."

Without Elegance (ENG)
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Without Elegance (CHN)
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