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Traces of Dream, 2019

Print: Genuine pigment ink, 100% cotton canvas, mounted on wooden frame, 75 x 90 cm

Original work: Oil  on canvas, 150 x 180 cm

"Traces of Dreams" is about a strange dream of the artist, in which he fell from a height into a specific situation, an entirely unnatural and unphysical place. In this situation, his consciousness is in a state of chaos, and this feeling remains after waking up from the dream. So, he deliberately reproduced the dream on the canvas and carried out a lot of profound exploration in grasping the metaphor of color and form. For the fuzzy treatment, the artist integrated the dimension of dream and the doubt about the authenticity of the natural world into the work so that it can be presented as a complete dream.

Traces of Dreams (ENG)
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Traces of Dreams (CHN)
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"Cang Yuan: Aesthetic Essence", 2020

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