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Smile for Life, 2021

Print: Genuine pigment ink, 100% cotton canvas, mounted on wooden frame, 81 x 57 cm

Original work: Acrylic on canvas, 162 x 114 cm

"The pandemic has given clear answers to many confusing ideological questions and once again taught me how to deal with life.

I think the attitude towards life should be so full and enthusiastic. This fullness and enthusiasm should be thick and warm colors. I started to use large swathes of vibrant colors as backgrounds. I am more reluctant to limit myself in the description of space. In terms of color composition, I have abandoned my habit for many years. Colors like pink, silver, gold, and black, which have never been on my palette, finally appear.

Painting is never a question of the practice of painting but how I observe myself. I changed the way of observation. The way I use isn't the one three years ago, nor those of the masters in the past.

I feel I should be freer and bolder, especially to break the original consciousness. If I want to break through my own inherent thinking and paradigm, the most important thing is that I no longer care about success or failure. "

Cang Yuan, 2021

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