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Morning Lake, 2017

Print: Genuine pigment ink, 100% cotton canvas, mounted on wooden frame, 90 x 60 cm x 3

Original work: Oil on canvas, 180 x 120 cm x 3

The triptych "Morning Lake" comes from what the artist saw while on vacation in Switzerland. One morning, he came alone to the lake in Lucerne, where everything was silent. The thin mist on the lake floated in the wind like a beauty's veil. The fresh air was mixed with the coldness of the morning mist, and the slightly swaying weeping willows were also there. The view made him forget his words, stop breathing and lose the sense of his body. He was merged into the morning lake. This feeling of forgetting oneself and being integrated into the realm was unforgettable. Finally, it motivated him to create this work, hoping to combine the realm felt in reality with the personal aesthetic realm to trigger the audience's thinking.

Morning Lake (ENG)
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Morning Lake (CHN)
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Inspired dish

Oyster cream, smoked eel, potato ratte

A Lux Signature Menu_Oyster cream, smoked eel, potato ratte(法國蠔湯配煙燻鱔魚).jpg

"Cang Yuan: Aesthetic Essence", 2020

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