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Cuddling, 2021

Print: Genuine pigment ink, 100% cotton canvas, mounted on wooden frame, 72.5 x 90 cm

Original work: Acrylic on canvas, 130 x 161 cm

“I want to revisit my childhood for more than once. I wanted to see my grandma’s wrinkled and kind of face. Under the blue sky, the smell from the firewood and the stove top. The sound of cock crowing and dog barking. Ants under the pepper tree. The wet soil. All these feelings fascinate me. I have a thousand thoughts in my mind. Where did my longings and emotions come from? They are from the sun. From the past that I’m endlessly attached to. From the elderly sitting in front of the front door. It comes from a toad that stumbles in the rain. And that slowly disappeared, slowly disappearing into a fuzzy silhouette. The rain wetted the cobwebs and the shadow remained on the wall.

All colors and emotions are the way of fleeing from the pandemic. I only want to be immersed in the beautiful past. I cuddled these feelings carefully in my hands. As if I’m a thief stealing the gold coins. Stealing the fascinating beauty of the past."

Cang Yuan, 2021

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"The Path of Light" French Art Exhibition" , 2021

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