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Art Gallery featuring artist Cang Yuan

Art of Nature is delighted to announce our collaboration with the Italian-French restaurant, A Lux, to co-present A Lux Art Gallery starting from August 2022. The first Art Gallery will feature Cang Yuan's artworks, a French-based Chinese artist. We have together made a fine selection of eight sophisticated works from Cang Yuan and will display them over the space of A Lux from August to September. A new art-themed menu, including dishes inspired by the poetic artworks, will be curated by Head Chef Chung and introduced at A Lux. 

We wish to have our guests experience the synesthesia of gourmet and art led by both the spirituality of Cang Yuan and the culinary craftmenship of Chef Chung. Please get in touch with Art of Nature for artwork inquiry or A Lux for dinner reservation, and stay tuned for our future tours and events!


Cang Yuan

Cang Yuan continues exploring the integration of Eastern and Western aesthetics. These two concepts constantly collide in his consciousness and inspire him. His abstraction is more lyrical, informal and gestural. The vibrant and symphony-like colors splash and interweave on his canvas. His work ultimately formulates a state of complexity and fullness. The new series of works is titled "Conscience", revealing the connection between the human body, spirit, desire, external experience, moral sense, and worldview. As his art further cut off from realism and nature, he transformed his aesthetic approach from scenic poetry to philosophical and spiritual poetry, rooted solely in the internal experience. Since the change of his creative style in 2021, the artist has further mastered the fusion of colors, the movement and flow of matter, the effects of texture, the contrasts of light and dark, the depth or closure of space, through experiments with a multitude of effects. The works emit a struggle and dramatic atmosphere and a sense of minimalism and purity, with red, pink, yellow, light green, and other bright and full tones. They manifest the artist's transcendence in forms and ideas about abstraction and pure aesthetics.