Affordable Art Fair 2022

Art of Nature again participates in the summer art feast Affordable Art Fair. We have brought the works of 15 artists from different regions. They are prints of the Chinese portrait master YanRunan Tong. The French artist Marc Tanguy’s delightful abstract works of nature and French-based artist Cang Yuan’s works with vibrant and symphony-like colors splashing and interweaving. There are also Hong Kong artists Shen Ping and Yick Hang’s unique interpretations of the scene and spirit of Hong Kong. Clement Chan’s works accentuate rich oriental brushstrokes and changeable musical colors. Gammy Kwok’s works depict unicorns inhabiting the joyful and pure land from the artist’s innocent mind. Two German artists, Cristina Barroso and Lisa Wölfel, present the positioning of humans against the universe and the natural world. Last but not least, we have six Japanese artists expressing the depth of daily life and urban culture in the new era. Kenichi Asana, one of the Japanese artists, has been selected by Affordable Art Fair as one of the 8 highlight artists this year.


Art is not intangible nor hiding behind some walls. Art of Nature wishes to invite all art lovers to participate in the relaxed and diverse art fest. The art fair will last from August 4th to 7th.

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Chinese and Hong Kong Artists


Japanese Artists

盛放 Flowering, Marc Tanguy, 2020, 73 x 60cm, 布面顏料粘合劑 Pigments and binders on canvas.jpg

French and German Artists