Tai Po Road
Shek Kip Mei Street
Two Houses I
Two Houses II
Inner Nature 36
Inner Nature 37
No War Please!
Water Channel
Apple in my eye
The Bunny Mountains
In Praise of the Earth
Ostrich in the water
Hand Drawing toilet paper
Rustle rustle
Rustle rustle
Blueprint - Waiting 3 days & 6 days
Media Bowha
Darlings in iCloud
Blessing dog Ball Ball
Red A No.1
Red A No.2
Oh Yeah? Oh Yeah!
Impermanence 01
Impermanence 02

Exhibition Duration
18th August – 30th September, 2016

Monday to Friday, 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.

Saturday, 12 noon – 7 p.m.

Sunday and Public Holidays by appointment only

Opening Reception

20th August, 2016 (Saturday),

3 – 6 p.m.

Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery
Room 2101-05, 21/F, Mega Trade Centre, 1 Mei Wan Street, Tsuen Wan


Media Enquiries
Tiffany Yu
+852 2416 4734
+852 9159 2757

In this summer, Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery joins forces with New Art Wave featuring a group exhibition of 20 finalist artists from 2015 New Art Wave International Artist Award – New Art Force Exhibition. These 20 emerging artists come from art academies in South Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Beijing, Nanjing, Hong Kong and Macau. The collaboration will showcase a thorough selection of works exploring various platforms such as painting, installation, sculpture and photography etc. Each of the artists will present a selection of their new works. This will be an extraordinary art feast to show the artistic power of youth, creative spirit and relentless pursuit of art. The exhibition will be held from August 18 to September 10, 2016.


New Art Force Exhibition is bringing works together by Chan Suet Yi (Hong Kong), Chan Yin Wan (Hong Kong), Chen Zhenfu (Nanjing), Cheong Sou Man (Macau), Lau Siu Chung (Hong Kong), Jhang Jyun Shuo (Taiwan), Lo Kwan Chi (Hong Kong), Mok Wai Hong (Beijing), Siu Wai Kit, Bostoe (Hong Kong), Tse Chi Tak (Hong Kong), Yuen So Ling (Hong Kong), Lai Kwan Ting (Hong Kong), Kim Hyegyung (South Korea), Hui Hoi Kiu (Beijing), Kok Chui Wah (Hong Kong), Siddharth Choudhary (Hong Kong), Lu Shao Chuan (Taiwan), Fok Hong Kei, Ankie (Hong Kong), Cheung Ho Keung (Hong Kong), and Chao Harn Kae (Malaysia).


“Encourage Creativity and Generate Artistic Passion” – New Art Wave aims at providing a platform for young contemporary artists to expose their works and assist “Encourage Creativity and Generate Artistic Passion” – New Art Wave aims at providing a platform for young contemporary artists to expose them to establish themselves. Over years of promoting Hong Kong art development, Art of Nature has made unremitting efforts to outreach “art accords with branding,’ and “art makes a better life.” concept. 


Organizer: Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery, New Art Wave
Curator : Cissy Cheung, Mianco Wong
Executive Curator : Horace Lam, Judy Inn

Organization : Art of Nature Contemporary Gallery, New Art WaveOrganize